I have seen this movie about three times. I really didn’t understand much when I saw it for the first time, and even the plot couldn’t follow. Now I want to share this film with you, because it is also my favorite film, which is worth carefully reading the plot to experience the ups and downs of the protagonist Anna’s inner emotions.The background of the film story is a silent autumn and winter in Seattle, the United States. The color of the film, including the characters’ clothes, echoes the season and the plot. The highlight of this film is Tang Wei’s acting skills, which vividly shows Anna’s loneliness and despair. The love line between her and Xun is also a highlight. The end of the story is that Anna regains her freedom and Xun is imprisoned for suspected involvement in a murder case

At the beginning of the movie, Anna, who was in a mess and with messy hair, ran back to the room. On the ground lay her husband’s body. Anna hurriedly stuffed the paper in her husband’s hand into her mouth and waited quietly for the police to arrive

Anna, who was arrested and jailed for murdering her husband, met Hsun on her way home from a 72-hour parole to attend her mother’s funeral. She said that she had lost her wallet and asked her to borrow $30.

After returning home, Anna faced the family whose mother’s portrait had been busy dividing the inheritance, and her first love who had married another woman… The next day, Anna, who was pulled back to reality by a phone call from the police station, went to buy a ticket to the prison alone. When she was walking in the street, she met Xun again. Xun accompanied Anna to the amusement park, went to the restaurant, and played a careful trick to tell the waiter that her fiancee (Anna) had reserved a seat.

Anna told him her experience and story in Chinese that Xun could not understand. Xun only answered “good” and “bad” from beginning to end, which made people feel ridiculous and also loved Anna.

Share a short paragraph: You pour out words that I can’t understand with expressions that I can’t understand. You know that it is not simple “good” and “bad” that can be commented on, but your sadness or happiness, needless to say, is clear, because you and my heart are throbbing at the same frequency (excerpted from the editor’s note)

Xun followed Anna home and claimed that she was Anna’s fiance and was going back to China to hold a wedding. Wang Jing said to Xun, ‘Don’t play Anna.’, Xun beat Wang Jing with the lame excuse of ‘he used my fork’

The ending of the film is open, giving viewers more space to imagine. Anna, who has been released from prison, returns to the bus station where she agreed to meet with Xun again two years ago, and waits for Xun anxiously and expectantly. The noise around her and the bell sound of opening and closing the door of the coffee shop, Xun has not appeared

The twists and turns of Anna’s life, the sympathy that others don’t understand, the strange vision, the dignified appearance of Wang Jing, the Xun who met on the dead end… The more stories people have, the more simple they tend to be. In the eyes of others, such a simple and quiet Anna, who can think of covering up the secular disappointment, even despair, and hopelessness of feelings in the face of no struggle with the world

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