What is a man’s most powerful weapon?The man said: It’s women’s tears.Women answer: It’s a man’s character.Someone said: love, only love can conquer everything!Some Japanese believe that one’s most powerful weapon is habit.The film tells the absurd and uninhibited story of a man who was forced to flee under the pressure of powerful forces, but interspersed with the man’s life memories, as well as the connection between new friends and old friends in flight, about trust, about love and friendship, and about the beauty and strength of people’s hearts The beautiful is not true, but it can remind people of many things.

Sakai Yaren plays Qingliu Yachun, who is gentle, kind and sensitive, and works in Zhaiji.

He became a celebrity because he saved a popular female star by accident.

Not long ago, another beautiful woman took the initiative to meet him, and they got along well.

One day, he was invited by a friend he hadn’t seen for many years to go fishing, and went out in high spirits.

However, this friend turned him into a wanted man who killed the Prime Minister.

It turns out that everything is a plan, and Yachun is just a chess piece used by senior management.

A friend told the truth before he died and told him: escape, live anyway!

So, a fantastic and interesting flight began.

Then, we can’t guess who Yachun will meet and what will happen in the next plot, such as betraying his old friend out of frustration, willing to be his hostage colleague, as well as the inexplicable appearance of the wanted killer, the triad grandpa in the hospital, the first girlfriend who made great contributions to it, the female star who saved the scene, and those unexpected and moving memories, These all lead us to indulge in Ren Yachun’s life with the director.

The Golden Dream enlarges the smallest possibility in reality infinitely. The excellent performance of the directors, such as Yoshio Nakamura and Sakaya Sakaya, makes a story that looks impossible possible. The most successful thing is that we are willing to believe it on the screen.

Youth is not perfect, but beautiful!

In fact, people are living in their own fantasy, and the youth in our memory is also a beautiful moment.

There are a lot of life marks belonging to Yachun in the film: the repetition of falling action during dancing practice in the school days, and the habit that Qingliu likes to press with her thumb when pressing the elevator (finally, Yachun’s first love recognized Yachun who changed her face by virtue of his habit);

A letter written by Yachun to his parents to report the safety of his parents after his successful escape (his father taught Yachun to fight with hooligans since childhood, echoing Yachun’s memories of his father)

Those who had tacit understanding and mutual understanding, belong to the memories and shackles between people are so moving!

First love is not perfect, but moving!

It is hard to imagine the relationship between Yachun and the old love, without prejudice and complaint, and with pure care: I hope the other side is good, but I can be indifferent. Almost spotless!

After years of absence, she still believed in his character and believed that he was wronged. She tried her best to help him behind his back; Finally, the farewell in the elevator: meet casually, see each other’s life is good, and each other’s heart is also satisfied!

In fact, I believe that this kind of feeling also exists in real life, but we haven’t met it, but the society is also too impetuous

Friends may be unavoidable, but friendship is the most valuable thing.

Once we were inseparable, studying together, eating together, playing football together, discussing all kinds of life together

Later, we took different roads and lived in different cities. Some married and had children, some were single, some were successful, some were struggling silently. As adults, we seemed to have less words and less intimacy.

But I believe that just like Yachun, the most precious trust and habit between them will still become your reason for supporting you because of the unexpected changes and the involvement of former partners again!

If it hadn’t been for this accidental derailment, Yachun might have been the same as us: some of the former friends and lovers might have disappeared forever!

As netizens said: For friends, separation is a matter of sorry for each other.

The saddest thing is that we often have no choice, or even can’t prevent the passing of this life form.

However, the author believes that the trust and friendship between people will become the most reliable connection between people.

In the film, Yachun is inexplicably involved in a murder case that cannot prove his innocence. When he first met a friend, his friend always asked him: Did you have sex with that female star? It is precisely at the most dangerous moment of escape.

Absurdly at a loss.

Like our life, it is inevitable that there will be moments when people are overwhelmed.

But it was these absurd and unexpected events that pulled us out of the established norms of life and briefly defeated the cruel passing of life.

Just like Ya Chun’s memory of the students’ time in the car, immersed in it and temporarily forgot the current life. Memories and accidental derailments of life are not meaningless, but instead become the most precious moments in life.

“Golden Dream” has turned over the memories of the past for many times, and finally the miracle of fireworks bloomed, it seems that youth has overcome everything!

This is a nostalgic film full of romantic feelings. I like its nostalgic feelings when I like it. In nostalgia, we find the inner firmness we have lost!

There is a scene in the film: Ya Chun and his friends and the boss who worked as a student, all watched the bright fireworks together. The boss said this paragraph: When you watch the fireworks, there will be many people watching in different places. Maybe the former friends are also watching. Isn’t that very pleasant? Maybe the other party thinks the same.

Memories are revived through the same opportunity!

Try it. When you recall the past because of your common habits, maybe the other party is also recalling.

What a wonderful thing it is!

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