Carol Danforth is a member of the Star Wars team. Under the training of the Star Commander, her skills are increasing day by day. But she is always troubled by the unknown emotion and can’t control her super ability, which affects her combat performance all the time.Guided by the supreme wisdom, she is going to accept the combat mission again. This time, she was captured by the Skurus. In the process of being stolen by the Kerry, those chaotic memory fragments that often troubled her came from the memory again and again. She struggled with who I was and couldn’t extricate herself until the moment when the memory was tuned to the moment when the mission crashed with combat power on

In the chaos of who I am, she can’t establish contact with her own inner world, and doesn’t know where she comes from? What do you want? Where do you want to go?

Dan, who escaped, fell to the earth on the 53rd planet, and was determined to follow the clues of her memory to find out the whole story and solve the mystery of her life experience. Here, she ran into agent Fry, and together tracked the Skuru who would undergo genetic transformation, looking for Dr. Lawson in her mind. Unexpectedly, she proved that those memory fragments are indeed inextricably linked to the earth step by step

She became more and more aware of who she was? She doesn’t know who she is anymore?

Maria, her best friend, said, “You are Dan, and you have always been. Dan, who is strong and stubborn, who takes orders in the face of danger, who loves life, and who values love and righteousness. They all said that you are dead, but I have always believed that you are strong and alive in another place, my best friend Dan.”.

At this moment, Dan really accepted himself, all of himself.

It is important to find myself, but more important to find the direction of my heart. Understand who I am and where I am going? Can focus on controlling the direction of power

Taros said that the Skurus were not enemies. Dr. Lawson gave Dan the mission of ending rather than winning the war.

Encouraged by his good friend and daughter, Dan and his friends set out to fight for peace. The opponent is the commander who has been training himself

It is not easy to fight with people who have been training themselves and know her weaknesses. Here comes the idea

Dr. Lawson said: Without me, you are just a mortal!

In the memory, she fell down on her bike, fell into the mud, failed to apply for the exam, and came one after another… Suddenly, like a god possessed, her body was awakened by a powerful force. In the memory, she got up from the mud, continued to run, and rushed into the water. “You can”, her inner voice was very loud. “Yes, I am a mortal, so I will fall, but I can climb up at the place where I fall. I am a mortal, but I have love in my heart, know what justice is, and have a firm goal. This is the cohesion and location of all my superpowers. In order to fulfill the mission of justice, I can live to death without fear of the future. Now I don’t need you, I can be strong without you.”

Following the voice of his heart, Danfoss has burned all his super power, and will no longer be troubled by emotions, and has achieved self control, leading Fry to success!

From encouragement to self-control is the only way to explore and discover yourself. From dependence to maturity and then to interdependence, it is a whole-person model from personal maturity to helping others mature, and it is a necessary stage of life.

Looking for the source, Dan found that he was originally a soldier in armor.

Know your mission, then you will unswervingly and wholeheartedly live towards death. No external force can stop you

Dan is flying in the universe like a rocket. Just like he was ordered to take the battle test in the face of danger, he has no distractions in his heart, and set sail for peace and his own mission

Frankel said, we are discovering rather than inventing our own mission in life, and you are your own surprise captain. Discover your inner treasure and steer your life’s ship!

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