Ant Man 3 was released globally at 0:00 on February 17 today, which means that we and the local audience in the United States can see this film at the same time without delay. It is gratifying for those who like Marvel Universe. The professional film reviewers of rotten tomato in Ant Man 3 did not get high scores, and the reasons for their low scores were also varied: some people said that there were too many big scenes, which lost the feeling of the first two warm family dramas; Some people say that they lack the wonders that hero films should have, and only rely on Paul Luther (contrary to the first view); Some people also say that it is like “Galactic Guard” in the version of “Rico and Modi”; Some people also said that it was like watching Star Wars… etc. In short, these bad reviews did not involve bad special effects, bad action plays or weak characterization. From the perspective of audience, especially from the perspective of Ant Man series and Marvel Universe fans, this film is worth seeing. In fact, because the psychological expectation is not very high, I felt that after watching the movie, I got more enjoyment than I expected. I felt that it was funny and wonderful, and there was no urine point in the whole process. Then I came back to check, and found that the audience’s popularity of rotten tomatoes has been rising. I’m not alone, haha!

The subtitle “Quantum mania” of “Ant Man 3” is not very flattering. It is a rare word in English, and it can’t be translated into “quantum mania”. As I looked at it, I thought: would it be more accurate to call it “Adventure of the Quantum World”? Or “Quantum World Championship”? The micro world in the film has many unexpected scenes and opportunities. If you change a subtitle that can slightly show or summarize the content, it will probably be much more attractive.

The most attractive feature of “Ant Man” has always been, in my opinion, the performance of a most ordinary and easygoing Marvel superhero, Paul Luther’s Ant Man Scott Lang. Paul Luther is handsome and pleasing. He is not tall (official height 178). He is flexible. Every time I see him on the stage, I can’t help raising the corners of my mouth. It is said that he has a natural sense of humor, and many of the characters in the film are his masterstroke on the spot. In Ant Man 3, a man said to him, “I have seen Thor.” He immediately replied, “I know him very well. We are both about the same size.” I don’t know whether it is played on the spot, but it makes me laugh to death anyway. I watched him participate in the talk show, and he reacted very quickly on the spot. The host played around with him. There is also a promotional activity of “Ant Man 3” in the Feilun Show. The host Feilun gave him a fake nose of silica gel, and he immediately stuck under his nose, and then dragged and shook his nose to talk solemnly for five minutes, making the audience laugh

The first five minutes of “Ant Man 3” may be one of the best moods I have ever seen: Ant Man is walking in the sunny streets of San Francisco with a cheerful face and monologue, which makes people feel so bright after him. Then you will find that he is a master now! It’s a celebrity! (Although often mistaken for Spiderman) He wrote a bestseller with his own experience! He not only reads aloud at the signing meeting, but also plays his audio book in his car. Just… forgive the pride and display of an ordinary person! He is not the kind of guy who can still hold his cool face when he becomes a superhero!

Scott Langben, an ant man who is an electronic engineer, was sentenced to three years in prison for stealing company data out of righteous indignation. His wife divorced and married the police who arrested him. After being released from prison, he worked at McDonald’s and was fired. He rushed to send a gift to his daughter for her birthday and was asked to leave by his ex-wife. It’s not just bad luck. Paul Luther really performed a pathetic but gimmicky look of a dead-end Loser, who was on the verge of collapse and smiled politely. However, gold always shines. Scott’s excellent stealing skills were seen by the first generation of Ant Man, Michael Douglas’s Ham Picker, and then after hard (but funny) training, he became a new generation of superheroes… “Ant Man” 1 and 2, which can be regarded as the small characters in the big film. By the third part, the character of Ant Man has been very complete and has not been further explored. In addition, the growth of her daughter as a rebellious adolescent girl has caused her father to become a worried and nagging father. In addition, the scene is also unexpectedly large… So I also understand why some film critics are angry because Ant Man’s acting skills are not fully played

Speaking of the big scenes in “Ant Man 3”, I’m going to be embarrassed! Personally, I like the wonders of the quantum world better than the ocean world in Avatar 2. Because I pay much attention to the ocean, I think the ocean world in Avatar 2 is gorgeous, but it is not beyond the reach of ordinary people’s imagination. But I can’t think of the quantum world in Ant Man 3! The forests and deserts composed of spores, bacteria and viruses, the sun-like predator with light, the flying animals with flagella like bacteria, the living huge houses… The wilderness is like the hell described by Joyce, and the city is like the alien city described by Arthur Clark. Maybe only the wonderful alien scenery in Rick and Modi can be comparable! Moreover, there are so many interesting intelligent creatures in this micro-environment… There is no scientific basis for this, but this is soft science fiction, a world with gods, and a world in which the destruction of hegemony can destroy half of life with one finger, so the nonsense is also very logical… Besides, who can guarantee that a quantum world will not produce intelligent life?

In such a world with a big brain hole, every scene and every living creature is beyond my expectation… The most amazing thing is that in the quantum world, people will split when faced with different choices. When the ant man tries to change the core of Kang’s spaceship into small, there is a most shocking scene: Life Two, Two, Four… Countless ant men crowded together, suffocating the whole picture, and finally, Countless ant people chose to send the original and real one to the top of the tower and let him finish the task… That scene was really nightmarish and eye-opening, but it was a bit wonderful and touching, and there was also some scientific basis. It was really divine.

Some people say that the multiverse setting in Ant Man 3 is too similar to Rick and Modi… This is because Jeff Lovis, the writer of Ant Man 3, is one of the writers of Rick and Modi! (The writer of Rick and Modi+Paul Luther, this collocation is very chemical!) So it is not that this film copied the cartoon, but that they are from the same source. As for the villain cities and armies like Star Wars, they should not be regarded as plagiarism, but rather as homage or parody. In Ant Man 1, Scott stole things from Darren for the first time, dropped from the midair, and also paid tribute to Mission Impossible. This kind of parody is very common in Hollywood films and Hong Kong films, especially in the more relaxed and funny scenes.

“Ant Man 3” also has a rare configuration of superhero movies, that is, a family of three generations, five old, middle and young people, all heroes. Most of the leading characters in movies are heroes, both at home and abroad, who are lonely heroes in the age range of youth to middle age. At most, he has several companions, but what is the setting of a hero? It is really the setting of the tide tip that the old fashioned to the extreme. Besides, this family is really beautiful! Michael Douglas, an old actor, plays the role of grandpa and the first generation of ant man. He is the kind of handsome guy who can become the focus of the audience in the square dance and all the old ladies think of Prince Charming. I can’t help feeling how important it is for a man to have thick hair in his life!

Michelle Fiver’s grandmother, the first generation wasp girl, is over 60 years old, but her beauty is widely praised by the audience. The art-like face with white hair and the calm and sharp temperament of the top beauty are worthy of being regarded as the most cat-like actress of national treasure. In retrospect, “Dangerous Relationship” starred by her was also a classic in the classics. If you like movies full of beauty, you really should go to review it. When she was in her fifties, Michelle also played the enchanting witch in Stardust and the famous prostitute in Sherry… Alas, even in this film, many audiences said that the most beautiful actress was her.

The current ant man and the current wasp woman, of course, are a pair of eye-catching people. It’s really cool to see them fight against the villains together! Unexpectedly, the grown daughter Kathy Lang, the next generation of wasp girl whose grandfather secretly gave her war clothes, is also so beautiful! Catherine Newton plays this young and simple girl of justice. She is sweet, but not stupid; Rebellion, but it is not lack of love for parents and inability to communicate; Second, I will not only set goals to move myself, but will work hard. She is really a wonderful middle school girl.

The whole film is similar to Rick and Modi, with fast rhythm and few dialogues. The lack of dialogue is also the reason why some film critics give low marks. Hey, is it unreasonable? As a foreign audience, I appreciate the fact that I don’t speak hard to people.

Kang, the great villain in the quantum universe, was finally eliminated by everyone’s concerted efforts. The ridiculous and pathetic Darren robot has made great contributions unexpectedly, which can make people feel the confidence and goodwill of the filmmakers to human beings. I like this segment very much.

After the end of the film, we insisted on watching two colored eggs. Although it is not easy to reveal what it is, it can be said that as the first film of the fifth stage of the universe of Marvel, the movie trailer: the reason for the headache of Marvel superheroes is the countless villains Kang in the future. I’m still looking forward to the future of Marvel Universe, and I recommend you to watch this lovely Ant Man superhero’s adventure in the quantum world.

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