Marvel Universe has gone through Thor 1-2, Hulk 1-2, Team USA 1-2, Avengers Alliance 1, Iron Man 1-3. This is the Avengers Alliance. Marvel has spared no space for superheroes. Like the end group sculpture, the edges, corners and center are gradually shaped completely.They gathered here, and the personal character and ability in this play were brought into full play.According to the law that the hero’s fighting power will be stronger later in the hero’s cartoon, the Red Witch and Quick Silver have won a lot of attention in this film. The audience was almost worried about how the play would end. With Aochuang’s killing nature revealed, their conscience and revenge fire slowly alternated. After so many experiences, one of the siblings finally chose to fight outside the room, and the other tried to save civilians in the street. There is a sharp contrast between the kindness buried in the heart and the strength of the war that almost dismantled the Alliance.

Iron Man is a science lunatic, and he is connected with the same tangled Dr. Benner. Obviously, his mouth is cheap, but when the Red Witch is introduced into the dream of fear, his greatest fear is the death of his teammates. Or, the teammate is dead and he is still alive. He is extremely insistent on what he believes. Even though Aochuang has been created, it can’t stop him. Finally, half of the god of thunder opened the eyes of the sky, and half of the random process (…) created the illusion. A few minutes ago, the team that was still quarrelling and worried, as the illusion picked up the hammer of Thor, all of them shut up.

The black widow’s fear is red house. Natasha Romanov expressed her fear in the three ministerial articles of Avengers 1, 2 and Captain 2 of the United States. Even when facing Green Fat, she was relatively calm – this was the first time that most audiences saw her really in fear. Red house. A masked man waiting to be shot. Her action drama is still exploding, with motorcycle racing, robbing Aochuang’s body and driving equipment to kill robots. Her combat effectiveness is significantly higher than that of the previous small pistol widow sting.

The budding love between Bruce and the Black Widow surprised the audience – they seemed too unworthy, not to mention the first choice in the audience’s mind, not even the second choice. Maybe that’s what Lvpang thinks, so he flies away at the end.

In this play, Hawkeye not only provides a safe house and explodes his wife and children, but also is the only member who has not been brainwashed when facing the Red Witch. It seems to be experienced after being washed by LOKI. His safe house is isolated from the world. In fact, he didn’t have the heart to come back this time. But Kuaiyin grabbed the convenience, and he was able to return to Eden at the end of the play.

The dark side of Tony and Captain America is relatively less. Because their real big trouble is still behind. It can be said that you have to pay back when you come out. The United States team doesn’t need to continue to prove itself since the captain 2 won back to one city and threw off the hat of no combat power. Moreover, Fulian really needs his moral guide of human flesh. Tor’s loveliest thing was a very happy quarrel with Iron Man about who was better, Jane and Pepper. After the fight, we ended up with the simple and harsh evaluation of “but it’s better to be simple”.

The captain of the United States gathered the revenge on the flying city. They protected each other and fought until the end. At that moment, the blood was boiling.

This is the best time. Because this war is not complicated. At this time, the tragedy has not really begun.

Only when you don’t come back can you know. Fang Changxiang recalls.

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