In early summer, in May, the warm-up competition of the summer season, “Iron Man 2” PK “Ye Man 2”. If a series of films want to survive, the key is to see how to survive the “second” adolescence, whether it is a link between the past and the next, to move to the third, or to be obliterated and reduced to cannon fodder by the magnificence of the previous film? Let’s take a look at this “two” contest:

● [Story] Ye asked: Is it important to win or eat with family? Iron Man:

In terms of plot, the two films have copied the successful model of the previous film, and there is little new. Leaf 2 focuses on the theme of “life” and makes the work of labeling extremely. For example, Ye Wen said, “It is important to win or lose, or to eat with family”; For example, Jinshan said, “With a wife and children, people will settle down”; For example, Hong Zhennan said, “I can tolerate it for the sake of life, but I can’t insult Chinese martial arts”; Even the publicity poster is a group photo of Yen Zidan and the thermos… Although the label marks are obvious, it is at least a qualified composition that does not stray from the topic.

As for “Steel 2”, apart from the 20-minute fight, this film is not clear. Love? Brotherhood? Father and son? Thinking about life and death? They all touch the edge, but they all skim on the surface. If the first one also reflects on the rise and fall of life, the second one is simply a pot of stew, applying the classic comment of “Ye Man 2”: Downey is responsible for the Iron Man, and the writer is responsible for the second.

● [protagonist] Yen Zidan: the flowers are silent and the people are as pale as chrysanthemum; Robert Downey Jr.: Sherlock Holmes in the Iron Sacred Clothes

Brother Dan’s Ye Wen exudes an aura of light as chrysanthemum, and his calm eyes are like still water flowing deep. “Ye 2” was set in 1950. At the age of 47, he played Ye Man at the age of 57. Although there was no sign of age on his face, the sense of bearing weight of a middle-aged man permeated between his eyebrows. This charming image, even in his own works, is “only one family, no semicolon”.

The successful interpretation of Ye Man is a leap in Daniel’s life; And “Iron Man” is Downey’s salted fish. With the sexy yuppie, Downey swept away the haze of drug abuse and returned to Hollywood. Unfortunately, in the “Holmes” released just two months ago, Downey let the audience review his image of a yuppy in advance, and the fact proved that the fog of 19th century London can set off his rascal and dazzling. What’s more, in “Steel 2”, he is like a monk of the Tang Dynasty. He keeps interrupting and bickering, and splashes your saliva across the screen, which greatly reduces the sex appeal.

● [lineup] Steel 2: a grand dinner; Leaf 2: Waste Wood Alliance

Gwyneth Paltrow, the Oscar winner, Mickey Locke, the Golden Globe winner, and Sam Rockwell, the Berlin actor… even Oracle CEO Ellison, came to make a guest appearance. Steel 2 has an all-star lineup of “The Founding of the People”. However, due to the huge amount of playing time spent on Downey, these high-priced sets do not have much room to play. In fact, in such a popcorn entertainment movie, the audience needs more eye-catching things like Scarlett Johnson. Unfortunately, the female agent she plays is only a hit girl. If she can make a little drama, Paltrow, as the heroine, will not play soy sauce.

In contrast, the starlight of “Leaf 2” is much dimmer. Except for Brother Dan, who is responsible for Ye Wen and Huang Xiaoming, who is responsible for the second, all the others have been “dead beat” for many years. However, the dragon suit has been running for a long time, and it is often superb. Not to mention Hong Jinbao’s momentum, Ren Dahua’s crazy strength, just the disconcerting blink of Master Mang and the gorgeous turn of Master Feng Ke’an can flash in the casual place, which is interesting.

The lineup of the two films shows a truth from both sides: garbage is actually the baby with the wrong position!

● [villain] Ye 2: “muscular man” with open teeth and claws; Steel 2: “toothpick man” with all kinds of affections.

The villain is the biggest highlight of Steel 2. Mickey Locke’s “toothpick man” stole Downey’s charm. Although there were not many meals in the play, Locke always held a toothpick in his mouth every time he appeared; Even if we wave the “Star Cloud Chain” and fight against the Iron Saint, the toothpick is still in the mouth, showing some calm, some ruthlessness, and some cynicism… This miraculous stroke lets us see the sexy beast that has been missing for many years. After abandoning the film to fight in the boxing world, face injury, cosmetic failure, and running around, he won the Golden Globe Award in 2009 at the age of 53 with “Wrestling King”. Locke, who has seen through the ups and downs of life, has already fully realized that the desperate style in the film, which is whipping the world, is full of vigor without brewing!

The ultimate BOSS of “Leaf 2”, the British boxing champion “Tornado”, was seen as a guy whose brain structure was as simple as leg hair from the very beginning of his appearance. The main job of the “foreign dead” was to dress up and finally wait to be beaten.

● [Action Drama] Ye 2: Master demeanor; Steel 2: Iron Man Battles.

Compared with the previous work, “Leaf 2” has significantly increased the number of action scenes, and “Steel 2” has significantly increased the number of iron men.

Mr. Hong personally went to the battle to make the action drama of “Leaf 2” more beautiful. The “round table competition” alone was worth the ticket price. If we say that in “Kill the Wolf”, Brother Dan and Ye Hong show the collision of skill and strength; The second encounter, which deduces the connotation of traditional martial arts, is the combination of strength and softness of Brother Dan and the confrontation between Yuan Ting and Yue of Hong Ye, a school of master style.

However, the action plays in Steel 2 are not only few, but also hasty, which can not satisfy the appetite of the audience accustomed to the big scenes in Hollywood. Locke’s “nebula chain” seems to be fierce, but Downey immediately KO as soon as he puts on his work clothes. As for the tactics of offering sacrifices to the sea of people, it is a terrible idea to get a bunch of fake iron men to play group fights, and the effect can be imagined.

In the above five rounds, “Master Yongchun” won the “Iron Saint” by 4:1.

To make a good movie, it doesn’t need much innovation. The key is to spend your money on the blade, give full play to your advantages, and do your duty in place… Of course, the decline of word of mouth will not affect Steel 2’s getting the ticket to the third part of the movie – I hope it doesn’t take the Titanic.

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