A Japanese film is about a woman who was abandoned by her mother since childhood, her selfless love for her husband’s two daughters, her love for life, and her kindness to people around her.The hostess and her husband originally opened a bathhouse together. The husband disappeared suddenly a year ago and had to close the bathhouse. Her daughter was often bullied by her classmates at school. The hostess wanted to make her strong and always encouraged her with a positive attitude. But suddenly one day, the hostess fainted at work and was told that she had terminal cancer and could only live for a few months. She was very sad, but she knew that she had to do a lot in her limited life, for her daughter and herself.

The mistress found her husband through a private detective, but brought back another daughter. The hostess accepted them and took them home. The bathhouse reopened. While the eldest daughter was in school for physical education, her clothes were taken away by her classmates and she could only wear sports clothes for class. The teacher accused her, and the classmates also laughed at her. She returned home and refused to go to school, while her mother forced her to go to school and let her face everything bravely, because her mother knew that she had come this way.

Her daughter went to school. In class, she took the courage to ask her classmates to return her school uniform. She successfully won the respect of her classmates and took back her school uniform. The daughter thanked her mother for teaching her courage.

The little girl stole money and was found by the mistress. The little girl had always been thinking about her mother. Her mother said that she would come back to pick her up on her birthday one year later. She ran back to her original residence, but didn’t wait for her mother. The hostess went to find her and celebrated her birthday. The little daughter felt guilty and begged them to keep her and allow her to still love her mother. The mistress certainly agrees.

The hostess knew that she could not live long and wanted to take her children to travel. In fact, she took her eldest daughter to recognize her biological mother. The mother told her eldest daughter that her biological mother could not feel her own daughter’s feelings because she was deaf and dumb, so she could not abandon her. She hoped her daughter would recognize her biological mother. The daughter cried and refused. The mistress knew that she could. So he took his little daughter to the aquarium and left time for his eldest daughter. The eldest daughter met her mother because the hostess forced her to learn sign language. She said that the hostess told her that she would use it one day.

The hostess brought her little daughter back to pick up her eldest daughter, but she could not hold on any longer. She fainted to the ground, and the two daughters also knew her condition, and they had been accompanying her in the hospital.

The hostess dreamt of her mother, who was wearing sick clothes. The hostess forgave her, knew that her mother loved her, but told her a kind lie, and believed that she was not alone when she left. But at this time, the private detective told the mistress that she had found her biological mother, but the mother was unwilling to accept her.

The man has always wanted to do something for the woman. The woman said that she would not die quietly because of the thought of giving her two daughters to him after her death. So the man asked his daughters to help him. They built a human pyramid and promised the woman that they would always support the children like this.

The mistress wept and murmured that she did not want to die.

In the end, the god of death took away the mistress, and the man and his daughters followed the wishes of the mistress and cremated the remains of the mistress in the boiler room of their bathhouse. They soaked in the warm bathhouse.

At the end of the play, the chimney was emitting red smoke.

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