As we all know, employee loyalty not only determines their work performance, maintains a stable relationship between employees and the organization, but also strengthens the core competitiveness of the enterprise and reduces the replacement cost of employees.The above is not nonsense. Because even the modern society has been full of practical cases that confirm the above content. “The Avengers Alliance” still deduces a standard negative textbook with interesting plots, vivid scenes and grand special effects.

So how does this film become an excellent counterexample? Let’s explore it step by step.

First, let’s take a look at the performance of several major factors affecting employee loyalty in the film:

·Wage and welfare system: We fully realized it through the Star Telephony between Mieba and Keshen. The so-called king, in the final analysis, is also a cover for the destruction of hegemony to the basic god. Just go out with you to sell. It is a concept that a salesperson does not hang up with a director, and the manager is embarrassed to hold his hand when he looks up. Whether it is an army or a scepter, it is in the final analysis to destroy hegemony. The salesperson Rocky is the salesperson Rocky. The salary depends on the business commission. He is careful and conscientious, and won’t get more than the CEO of Miba. So what is the real salary of the basic god? “Ancient knowledge”. Yes, in theory, it should be the knowledge from “ancient times” that cannot be retrieved or robbed. Of course, we can see from the actual combat that follows, not to mention the effect of “ancient” knowledge on modern science and technology, just a few blows on the head will actually cause “amnesia” effect. So first, Out.

·Human resource management system, training opportunities and promotion space of the enterprise: First of all, let’s take a look at the appearance of the basic god when it came from the universe cube. Sweat all over his head, his steps are flimsy, and his face is confused. Then look at his ubiquitous waist support. Let’s not help but sigh at the fact that the company should let such a woman with a sixth degree of pregnancy take such a strenuous exercise. Is it really OK? However, you also know that business is a job without running away. We can also understand the ambition of the newcomer Rocky to develop business after entering the company. However, when the employees themselves find that their successors can’t apply for maternity leave by long-distance telephone, can a boss threaten the employees with dismissal or even liquidated damages!? We can understand the ancient wisdom and magic wand as early training. Obviously, when Loki mentioned these things, he spoke with more pride than fear. Plus the disdain for the word king mentioned by the other party in the long-distance call… The space for promotion is clear to everyone

·The development potential of the enterprise: In fact, this is probably the first thing that attracted Rocky to apply. “Ancient wisdom!” “Your army!” “A king worshipped by others!” How attractive and attractive it sounds. Not to mention these job advertisements have an attraction that the person who wrote the advertisement did not know. The arrival of that planet will make the brother who the new man cares about very depressed. Hey, it all sounds great. Don’t you want to send it=-= Of course, the lessons of all bag companies are the same. When you enter the company, you will realize that the interview training office is actually the best decorated one in the company except for the boss’s office. As for the employees who cheat in, small benches and broken desks are all right. Everything depends on you. Hmm… do you really believe in the prospect of such a company?

·Personal charm of leadership: what? Those wise people may not be able to deal with their opponents? Impossible. We have given you so much backup. It may be your fault. what? We were beaten back home? no Foolish humans have no such ability! Ah, and the X harassment! Hey, if I said so much and you still believe that your boss is a leader with rich personality charm, then you must be the best employee of the year, buddy!

So at the end of the story, the god simply threw himself on the ground and waited for his brother to take him away. Taking force majeure as the reason not only successfully resigned but also avoided the penalty for breach of contract. Although the history of blood and sweat squeezed by shell companies will become an indelible part of his life, the CEO of Niba also paid a certain price for it. All this tells us that if you don’t work hard to improve the employee loyalty of the new employee, the CEO will pay for his loss at the critical moment!!

A lesson of blood and tears, the Avengers Alliance tells you~

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